A Love Letter Of Sorts


A Love Letter Of Sorts
By Rita Broden

The name above all other names
The King above all Kings
The Prince of Peace; The Mighty God is He
He’s most Wonderful Counselor
And everlasting Father
Savior too, all for you and me

Eternal life He grants to us
(Though none of us deserve it)
If we accept Him as the Savior that He is
He thought we were ‘To die for!’
And so, that’s what He did!
Every sinner here on earth can now be His!

He’s not willing we should perish
That’s why He paid the price
Of laying down His life so we can live
What He’s done is not a fairy tale
It’s recorded history
Dying, He gave all that He could give

Resurrection then took place
After His mortal death occured
He triumphed over death, hell, and the grave!
When we call to Him He hears us!
When we reach out He is there!
Jesus ONLY is the name by which we’re saved

No one loves us like He loves us
No one cares as much as He
No human sees the deepest cares we bear
As we surrender to Him
He wraps us in His love
And handles us with tender, loving care

Gently He will calm our fears
Kindly does He teach
His thoughts are always good toward you and me
My friend, this is your moment!
Accept Him as your Savior!
He wants us ALL to live eternally!




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