A Morning Greeting


A Morning Greeting
By Tom D Blakely

As I walk my dog each day
I greet all those who I pass by.
I don’t expect a beaming smile
But wonder why some don’t reply?

How can some people be so cold!
A vacant stare. . . or they look away.
They act as if I don’t exist
Like I’m an obstacle in their way!

Do they know how much it hurts
To be rebuffed in such a way?
Maybe they do, but still don’t care
They’ve no time for me in their day!

So, now I’m going to do the same!
I’ll wipe the smile off this old man. . .
But then he stopped me in my tracks:
‘How are you son, is something wrong?’

‘Well, not exactly. . .’ I begin to say. . .
‘Some folk treat ‘greeting’ as a game!
They don’t reply, and thinks it’s smart
So I thought I would do the same?’

‘Perhaps they are a bit like you?’
The gentleman began to say.
‘Anxious. . . with their own concerns?
No time for others in their way?’

‘Some prefer not to get too close
So quietly they pass you by.
You could help them, with my support;
When you greet. . . I take the reply.’

‘But first I want to say to you,
Before you leave the house again,
Greet ME first before you leave
Because on your own, you are a shame!’


Forgive me Lord for not ‘greeting’ You first, and consequently messing things up.
When I go to the trouble of speaking to someone, being ignored can be so annoying!
Now I’m wondering how You feel Lord… considering most of your creation ignores You?
Anyway, with You Lord by my side one way or another, greeting people cannot fail!




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