A Prayer Away


A Prayer Away
By Christine Hare Tate

Over and over you hear the news
about people in distress;
if it isn’t fights in neighborhoods
it is financial stress.

Abductions and child abuse
and terrifying events,
bloodshed in our streets
as violence grows intense.

Bullying and messed up kids,
cheating in our schools,
the guilty declared innocent
while injustice seems to rule.

Most people are struggling
while sleezy men succeed,
motivated by their lusts
and insatiable greed.

Is there any hope left?
have all men gone insane?
The solution is a prayer away,
Our God must rule and reign.

He must reign over our nation
and countries near and far,
and in the lives of men
transforming who they are.

The Light of the world
came to give men sight,
Only Christ the Lord
can resolve our hopeless plight.


Jesus said, ‘I’m the Light of the world.
If you follow Me, you won’t be stumbling in darkness,
because you will have the light that leads to life.’
[John 8:12]



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