A Quest For Truth


A Quest For Truth
By Christine Hare Tate

Raised in a loving family, but feeling lost,
Determined to find out the reason, at any cost.
Became obsessed with witchcraft which grew intense,
But only on a quest for truth, out of ignorance.
Who was this person, nervous and insecure,
With low self-esteem, so worried and unsure?
Looking for a purpose, feeling void and discontent
Going through the motions with a nasty temperment?
Soon married, had 3 sons, yet there was a missing piece
Inwardly miserable as the pain would just increase.
Searching high and low to find the special key
To open the door that would reveal the mystery!
Once raised a fist to heaven and said so brazenly,
“If there’s a God up there, reveal yourself personally!”
About a week later, a wondrous thing took place,
A visitor appeared in a meeting face to face!
Grateful tears flowed, and salvation made clear
The divine reason this person was here!
The two became inseparable, thru thick and thin;
He ignited the flame and forgave every sin.
Many trials and tests were faced along the way,
But faith in God produced perseverence day by day.
I was that young lady on a mission desperately,
Until Jesus stepped in to answer my plea!
That was many years ago and I shall not forget
My encounter with Jesus the day we first met!
A year later I recalled what I said in despair,
When I raised my fist to God, yet He answered my prayer!
Many years have passed since I first saw the Light,
And the fire He kindled is still burning bright!


It has been, and still is, quite an incredible journey following the Lord. From the trash heap, to being granted permission to approach God’s Holy throne, thru Jesus Christ our Lord! Praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit forevermore!



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