A Reason For The Trials


A Reason For The Trials
By W A Zamorano

Throughout my walk with Jesus Christ
Along the journey of my life
He has been faithful and true
Many trials He’s brought me through.

This assurance I can give
That as long as you may live
Whenever you cast your care on Him
Sweet consolation He will bring.

He has taught me to rejoice always
When I was rejected and my trust betrayed
When I was devastated and afraid
He instructed me to give Him praise.

I began to realize, there is a purpose
In every affliction and every trial
The purpose is for the old man to die
To be renewed in the spirit of my mind.

God says, Count it all joy
When trials and temptations come
You will develop patience
and grow up to become
more and more like My own Son.

That is easier said than done
I have wasted many years
Giving in to self-pity and tears
Until at last my victory has begun.

Now I no longer ask the Lord why
Are you allowing yet another trial
I know, it will eventually pass by
Its reason, so more of me may die.

God has been faithful and true
He has always brought me through
This one thing I can promise you
When you are feeling blue
Rejoice and give Him praise
And He will do the same for you.




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