A Special Friend


A Special Friend
By Christine Hare Tate

You don’t know where to begin
As your world starts to spin?
Does the road ahead look sour
In this dark uncertain hour?
A day now seems like a year
And you’re overcome by fear?
No one knows your pain and grief
Or can offer you relief?

Don’t despair, I have good news,
I have traveled in your shoes…
Among the living dead was I
Until a special friend came by.
A humble gentleman was He
Claiming He would set me free…
Then I turned to hear Him say,
I should follow Him each day.

I knew somehow what I’d heard
Was truly God’s Holy word.
He’ll take control and then restore
Your broken life forevermore!
Jesus is this special friend
On His word you can depend.
Every need He will provide,
In your heart He will abide.




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