A Sunday Christian


A Sunday Christian
By Marie C Neubauer

She was a Sunday Christian,
Practiced religiously,
She’d don her best attire,
In church she’d always be…
But when it came to Monday,
And through the week ahead,
She’d forget to put in practice,
The Words that Jesus said!

She was a Sunday Christian,
But one day things did change,
She met the living Savior,
And her life He rearranged…
He filled her with His Spirit,
His love He did impart,
Everyday she walks with Jesus,
His words now written on her heart!


I thank God for the day I met the living Savior and I was gloriously born again,
and now have a relationship with Jesus!

‘Marvel not that I say unto you, ye must be born again!’
[John 3:7]



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