A Tale Of Two Tables


A Tale Of Two Tables
By Rita Broden

The dining hall was open
And two tables were displayed.
Both tables offered plenty to consume.
Hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and desserts
Sat waiting to be eaten.
Second helpings were ok (if you had room!)

Both tables had a different host
Who offered different foods.
Both tables looked remarkably appealing.
The dinner bell then sounded
And the guests all chose a table.
(Most were unaware of what ONE host had been concealing)

Satan stepped up to his table,
Cleared his throat to get attention,
Smiling as he looked at all his guests.
There were SCORES of hungry souls
Sitting at his table.
(The sight of which left satan quite impressed!)

“I can’t tell you all how pleased I am
That you joined with me today!”
“The table overflows with what we’ll eat!”
“We’ll start with the hors d’oeuvres, of course,
Followed by the entree.”
Then we’ll end the meal with something sweet!”

“Try a dab of jealousy,
An unkind word or two!”
“Taste a bit of arrogance – it isn’t bad!”
“Then move on to selfishness,
And don’t forget the gossip!”
“I promise it’s the best you’ve ever had!”

“It’s time now for the entree.”
“There’s so much from which to choose!”
“You might just want to start out with some pride!”
“Bitterness is tasty!”
“And anger’s not too bad!”
“Put a serving of rebellion on the side!”

“Dessert – there’s nothing sweeter!”
“It tops the meal off right!”
“Hatred is quite popular today!”
“Unforgiveness ranks right up there!”
“Complacency is GREAT!”
“I’m proud that my desserts have such array!”

“The ball and chain that you acquired
As you feasted from my table
Grows heavier each time you eat with me!”
“You see, it is the price you pay
For feasting at MY table!”
“Did you think that I would let you eat for free?!!”


* * * * * * *


Jesus looked at all His guests,
(Loving kindness in His eyes)
Delighted that with Him they chose to eat.
He knew the meal He offered them
Would fully satisfy them,
And would help to make each one of them complete.

“I thank you all so very much
For joining me today.”
“My table’s overflowing with GOOD things.”
“My hors d’ouvers are healthier;
The entrees quite fulfilling.”
“Try my dessert and see just what it brings.”

“A spoonful of humility
Will start the meal off right.”
“A helping of surrender goes down well.”
“Confession makes a palate glad,
And clears a cloudy mind.”
“It carries with it such a sweet, sweet smell.”

“Two helpings of forgiveness
Go well with this great meal”
“A serving of compassion is suggested.”
“A tender heart is always good
A giving heart as well.”
“The entrees that I serve have all been tested.”

“I offer only one dessert
Only one is needed.”
“It’s the best that nothing else can rise above.”
“Its consumption isn’t limited
I urge you to eat freely.”
“The dessert I offer you, my friends, is love.”

“There is no price for you to pay
For eating at my table.”
“I freely paid the price for one and all.”
“All you have to do is choose
Which table you will eat at,
When you hear the sound of dinner’s call.”




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