A Tribute To Gram


A Tribute To Gram
By Rita Broden

After mom and dad divorced
We lived with Gramps and Gram
Without their help, I’m sure,
We would have been in quite a jam.

They sacrificed their home, their time,
Just to take us in
They didn’t leave us left to wonder
‘Where will we begin?’

Gramps didn’t live as long as Gram
He died when I was eight
And the memories that I have of him
Really aren’t that great.

He wasn’t mean or cruel
He was hard to understand
Very quiet was my Gramps
He never held my hand.

He never did much talking
So if he ever did
You did as he instructed
If you didn’t, God forbid!

Now let’s get to Gramma!
A saint! I tell you true!
If it hadn’t been for Gram
I may have never had a clue.

Every morning without fail
She feasted on God’s Word
That’s how her day got started
That’s what my Gram preferred.

Talk about prayer warriors!
She set the standard for the rest!
Okay! Maybe she didn’t…
But she was surely one of the best!

Proverbs Thirty-one she lived
From Gram I learned so much
God placed my Gram within my life
As a gift; A special touch!

In all the years I knew her
She never complained about
The endless laundry that she washed
Or the clothes that she hung out.

For hours she would iron
Standing in one place
And if she hated ironing
You couldn’t tell it by her face.

She’d arise each morning
Before we kids awoke
A hot breakfast she’d have ready
Maybe some oatmeal and some toast.

She never minded washing dishes
That I couldn’t understand!
You see, my Gramma’s house
Was considered ‘Hotel Grand’.

Family member, stranger, friend
It mattered not to her
Her door was always open
It didn’t matter who you were.

If we were at the table eating
And someone walked in through the door
We all just knew to scoot on down
And make room for this one more.

Always giving never taking
That’s the way she lived her life
A peacemaker she was
If there was ever any strife.

Her quiet time alone with God came
Before the rays of sun
She’d dig deep in the Word of God
Then she’d pray for us one by one.

I took my Gram for granted
Until she wasn’t there
Ever since she died
I’ve felt the absence of her prayers.

Since my Gram’s no longer here
It’s my turn now to pray
I’ll take up where she left off
At the start of each new day.

I’ll breakfast on the Word of God
I’ll follow my Gram to a tee
For 91 years it kept her strong
I know it will strengthen me!

The crown that she’ll be given
Will be such a sight to see!
It won’t be kept! She’ll give it back
To the One Who set her free!!




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