A Trophy Of His Grace


A Trophy Of His Grace
By Joanne Standfield

You may be in the deepest valley,
or going through the darkest night
but take heart for joy comes in the morning,
bringing with it dawn’s new light.
Your mourning He’ll turn into dancing,
filling your mouth with laughter and song,
when you realise He was there with you,
He was there all along.
Your every tear He’s kept in a bottle,
His Word was there to light your way,
our Comforter The Holy Spirit,
never left or went away.
He rejoices over you with singing
sent angels to your side,
covered you with His pinions,
giving you a place to hide.
He will bring you into rich fulfillment,
into a broad new place
and throughout all the ages to come,
you’ll be a trophy of His grace.




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