A Troubled World


A Troubled World
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

When I look around at the world today,
It makes me feel so sad,
There is so much trouble everywhere,
Just everything has gone bad.
Envy, jealousy and hate,
seem to rule us all,
Crime is on the increase
and noral standards fall.
Yet looking back through history,
It has always been the same,
when man has turned away from God,
It has bought suffering and pain.
Christians have to make a stand,
Must let their voice be heard,
with help from the Holy Spirit,
They must preach and live God’s Word.
Our God He is all powerful,
He can save or he could destroy,
But if we give our lives to Him,
He will give us peace and joy.
He sent His son to save us,
But the world rejected Him,
Still the people turn away,
to continue in their sin.
Let Christians all together
proclaim with one loud voice,
This world needs Christ to save it
Then the whole world can rejoice.




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