A Walk Of Faith


A Walk Of Faith
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

We went out for a walk today
my precious Lord and I,
For though I did not see Him,
I felt Him there, close by.

He showed me all the beauty
in the world around,
He whispered gently to me,
though my ears heard not a sound.

He told me that He loved me,
it was for me He died,
I felt His love surround me,
knew He was by my side.

He said that I must trust Him
for all that was to come,
for my burdens He would carry,
each and every one.

But first I had to let them go,
for I still held them tight,
I started to deny this,
then stopped, for He was right.

We walked along together,
as the sun set in the west,
the sky had turned to red and gold,
as He said, “I do know best.

Let me take your burdens,
wipe your tears and heal your pain,
Put the joy back in your life,
and make you smile again.

The son you love is My child too,
so trust your son to me,
I gave my life to save him,
from sin to set him free.

You cannot do the work for me
which I have planned for you,
while you carry all these burdens,
Remember I love him too.”

As we walked along together,
a peace came over me,
I felt my burdens lifted,
my heart was light and free.

For my Lord, He holds the future,
Yes my Lord he holds the key,
So I will trust it to Him,
for both my son and me.




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