A Waste Of Time


A Waste Of Time
By June Stein

There I go again, Lord, when will I ever learn?
My mind is racing to and fro to find solutions,
I know it is a futile practice…this is not my job,
It merely clouds my better thinking with confusion.

My advice is superficial; all things are in Your Hand,
I have left them there with faith and trust…but then..
I waste time contemplating all the ways to solve a problem,
Forgetting, everything is covered in Your plan.

So once again, I ask forgiveness–committing heart and mind to You,
As I call upon Your Power to withstand…
The subtle, sly temptations Satan sends my way,
To occupy my mind and tie my hands.

With joy, I thank You, Lord, for cleansing muddied thoughts,
And filling me with consciousness of Love,
In mercy You forgive, instilling gentle benediction,
And I pray You will grant wisdom from above.




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