Abraham & Isaac


Abraham & Isaac
By W A Zamorano

Abraham was a man who loved God
with all of his heart
God had promised him a son
Abraham was 100 years old
When the baby did finally come.

One day God spoke to Abraham
Go to the mountain I will show you
Take some wood, some hot coal
A rope and a sharp knife
And offer Isaac as a sacrifice.

They traveled together with 2 men
When God showed the place to Abraham
he told the men to wait for them
And that he and Isaac would come again.

When they had climbed a little higher
Isaac turned to his father and said
We have the wood and the fire
The rope and the knife
But, father, where is the sacrifice?
Abraham replied, God will provide
When his father had tied him up real good
Abraham laid Isaac on the wood.

With his knife raised up he stood
When he heard a rustling in the bush
At the same time an angel said
Do not lay a hand on the lad
Abraham was very, very glad.

He offered up the lamb
That the Lord God did provide
Abraham passed the test
And he was greatly blessed.


When we love the Lord
We will be tested too
All God wants to find out
Do you have faith or doubt
When we obey and pray
God will be happy
And everything will be ok.




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