Adam & Eve


Adam & Eve
By W A Zamorano

In the beginning there was only God
He made the sun, the moon and the stars
He made the animals
And the birds and the fish.

But he didn’t have anyone
Who he could talk with
And take a walk with
So he decided to make a man
And a woman
He called them Adam and Eve.

Then God made a beautiful Garden
And called it Paradise
Where he walked with them
In the cool of the night.

In this Garden
God planted many trees
Whose fruit was good to eat
But there was one special tree
From its fruit Adam and Eve
Were not allowed to eat
God told them they would die
If they would try to take a bite.

Each day
At the setting of the sun
God would come
And walk with Adam and Eve
In the shade of the trees.

They had a wonderful time
And got along just fine
Until one day they lost their way
The serpent caused them to disobey.

The serpent said
Forget God’s advice, you will not die
When you eat from that tree
You will be wise.

Adam and Eve believed
and were deceived.
When they took a bite
They knew something wasn’t right
They felt naked and dirty inside
They covered themselves with leaves
And hid among the trees.

That evening when God came
He called Adam’s name
God knew already what they had done
Adam knew what was going to come.

Because they had disobeyed
God took His eternal life away
And banned them both from the Garden
It was the saddest day
When God had to send them away.
God put a mighty warring angel
with a sword at the Garden’s door
So they could not enter any more.


God told Adam and his wife
That all of their life
They would have to work hard
From God’s presence stay apart.

Now sin is in the blood of everyone
because of what Adam and Eve have done
But God has sent His Son
To die on a cross for all
To redeem us from Adam’s fall.

We can be free from sin
When we ask Jesus to come in
Yes my Friend
And have fellowship with God again
As it was in Paradise way back then
When man’s journey began.


[Genesis 1-3]



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