All Need Salvation


All Need Salvation
By W A Zamorano

There is only one Creator
of the universe.
There is only one mediator
between heaven and earth.
There is only one Savior
for the whole world.

His Name is Jesus, He is the Christ.
He is the one they crucified.
He shed His precious blood
for sinners such as you and I.

When Adam fell from Grace,
his sin polluted the entire human race.
All of us destined to a godless grave.

But God has made a way of salvation,
to redeem His magnificent creation.
When the fullness of time had come,
He sent His only begotten Son,
to die for the sins of everyone.

Since all of humanity is lost,
we must all come to the cross,
to find forgiveness for our sin.
We must all be born again.

There is only one mediator.
There is only one Savior,
sent out of Love
from the Father above.

His Name is Jesus, He is the only way,
by which we can be saved.
Don’t listen to what people say,
Call on His Name today!




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