Almost Stumbled


Almost Stumbled
By Tom D Blakely

Good morning Lord it’s a brand new day
I come before You now to pray
How did I fail You yesterday?
Forgive my sins O Lord I pray.

There’s confusion and my vision’s blurred
My faith is slipping; Lord this is so absurd?
Could I have sinned to such a degree
That You would turn away from me?

I pray forgive me my every sin
Including those that are hidden.
But still this cloak hangs over me
Which make things difficult to see?

Hello Satan; I missed you there!
Hiding in the place of prayer.
Rebuke Him Lord; chase him far away
So that on You Lord my thoughts will stay.

I claim the blood of Christ the Lamb
To drive him out and cleanse my sin!
Good morning Lord it’s a brand new day
I’d have stumbled if I’d failed to pray.




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