An Admonition


An Admonition
By W A Zamorano

Whosoever has an ear, let him hear!
This is an admonition,
for you to examine your position.
Be not deceived,
hold fast to what you have believed.
Stay faithful and true
and I will bring you safely through.
We are getting ever closer to that day
when many of You shall fall away.

Please listen to what I have to say:

There are some,
who call themselves by My Name
but don’t even know, why I came.
I came to destroy and to obliterate
the devil’s works, wherever he lurks.

I was crucified on a tree,
on a hill called Calvary.
I forgave your sin and set you free
and given you My Word,
so you may walk in victory.

There are some of you,
who quote what I say,
but in your lives you don’t obey.
You serve me with your mouth,
but in your heart you leave me out.
You promise the people Paradise,
getting them to follow you
with flattery and lies.
Be not deceived, I will not be mocked
whatever you sow, is what you reap.

O, sinful man, who are you,
who sends the unborn to an early tomb?
How can you stand there and say
that life begins at birth,
when you can feel the little babe,
move in the mother’s womb?
You declare yourself to be a fool,
inviting your own doom.

Let not your opinion sway,
remember, a double minded man
is unstable in all of his ways.
He is like a wave driven by the wind
let him not think,
that he will receive anything.

Come into the ark, while it is still day!
Now is the time to repent and pray,
and turn from your wicked way.
and seek My face, so you may find Grace.

And on all who in the Faith remain.
I will send My Spirit once again.
I will set My Remnant Church ablaze,
and stir up revival in every place.
My Glory shall cover the whole earth
until everyone has heard
the message of Salvation by the Word.




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