An Open Door


An Open Door
By Christine Hare Tate

Calamities in various places,
grimaces on suffering faces,
anguish, pain, loss of life,
misery, tears, stress and strife,

You don’t have to face tragedy
with great despair and anxiety.
God’s grace will manifest,
in His presence there is rest.

Peace in times of catastrophe,
hope when there should not be…
He promises that He’ll abide
and never fails to provide.

Who can comfort the bereaved,
when a heart is sorely grieved?
Where do you turn for relief
if in God you’ve no belief?

Our Father covered all the bases,
His living word is our oasis…
Solace and hope are always found
when you stand on holy ground!

Come all ye who are shattered,
worried sick, lost and scattered…
Jesus is the one you seek,
humble, caring, mild and meek.

He will wipe away your tears
and alleviate your fears.
Please don’t wait a minute more,
Come while there’s an open door!




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