ANGUISH (acrostic)
By Frederick Blanchard
A cknowledging the truth of our need,
~ With the necessity of kneeling at the cross.
N ot having strength left with-in ourselves,
~ Our souls feel the anguish of a dying world.
G oing before our Almighty and loving God,
~ Our grieving incense drifts up to the Lord,
U nderlying pressures of emotional distress,
~ Crying out in the deepest of desperation for the-
I  ntercessory prayer of the Holy Spirit.
~ For He alone understands the depth of pain and the-
S  ituations occurring that cause flood waters to swell,
~ Forcing the soul to desperately gasp for refreshing air,
H  our by hour we cling onto hope in our salvation,
~ As our souls bleed for those that anguish in spiritual pain.



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