Any Time For Jesus?


Any Time For Jesus?
By Frederick Blanchard

Have you any time to give for Jesus,
Perhaps there is a moment you can spare,
Just to whisper out the name Jehovah,
Welcoming him into your heart, in prayer?

Hold the swift movement of time Lord,
Stilling the rolling waves of distractions,
That we may draw even closer to thee,
For this is our deep desire, our aspirations.

You have come for us across the waters,
Beckoning our hearts with assurance,
That if we trust in you we will live free,
Apart from sins that cause such despondence.

Up from the bottom of the hull we come,
Out of our slumbering we quickly arise,
For our ship’s bow is headed for the rocks,
Shaken unto the realization of our impending demise.

Quickly we call out to Jesus, who is Lord over all,
“Take over the bridge of our helpless lives,
For we have lost control in this stormy night,
Take control Lord for we cannot save ourselves.”




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