Anywhere You Go, I Go


Anywhere You Go, I Go
By Tom D Blakely

‘Perfect you are not, so confess each time you sin’.
The Lord told me what to do, communion to maintain.

This ‘closure’ leaves no gap in fellowship with Him
No room for Satan’s doubts when sin has been forgiven.

I prayed about my flaws including ongoing sin;
A place that few can see, except of course for Him.

Some sins the Lord detests are pride and wilfulness
For such as these denies the Lord His place to dwell in us.

The Lord revealed to me the definition of sin:
Rebelling against God and putting ‘self’ before Him.

I wanted to submit to God and to my old-self die
‘Anywhere you go, I go’, was the Lord’s curious reply.

The Lord then spoke to me and I began to see
Anywhere I went without Him, was not the place to be.

There were shady corners where I would hide from Him:
Things I do, thoughts I have, where God was not welcome.

If I would die-to-self I must do as He says
So, anywhere I go God goes; OK Lord, be with me always.




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