Are We Ready For His Return?


Are We Ready For His Return?
By Marie C Neubauer

Darkness covered all the earth
Robbing men of peace and mirth,
Then Jesus came so we might know
There is a God that loves us so…
He brought to us the Words of Life,
To help us conquer sin and strife…

He came to rescue one and all,
Whosoever will may heed His call,
And be forgiven of their sin,
And spend eternity with Him…
He came to set the capives free,
He came to earth for you and me!

Have we made Him Lord and King?
Ruler over everything?
Have we found His peace within?
Received forgiveness of our sin?
Does our soul for Jesus yearn?
Are we ready for His soon return?


[Luke 21:25-28]



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