Be Not Deceived


Be Not Deceived
By W A Zamorano

Beloved, now is the time,
to be strong in the Lord,
and in the power of His Might.
We must be able to distinguish
between wrong and right.

We must walk circumspectly,
not wavering to and fro.
Our foundation
must be built on Jesus Christ,
the rock of our salvation.

Beloved, there are many,
who have been deceived,
after they have first believed,
going back, trying to find,
salvation through their mind.

They have become blind
to the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
to the message of salvation
claiming their own revelation.

Jesus has not lost his power.
He still heals this very hour.
He uses me and you,
to flow His virtue through.

There is only one way to God,
only one plan of Salvation
to rescue us from eternal damnation.

It is the Blood of Jesus Christ alone
that can for our sins atone.




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