Be Thankful!


Be Thankful!
By Souad S Majdoub

Thankfulness births joy.
Be bold to live it, you need not be coy
Be wholly thankful when you are healed
For by this your joy is sealed.

Be thankful
When every Tom, Dick and Harry steps on your toes
For by this you will learn to walk in Christ’s shoes.

Be thankful
Let it radiate from your heart
For this music is better than Mozart’s.

Be thankful
When you are down-trodden, beaten on every side
For thankfulness uncovers what you wish to hide
Abide and say thank you
Glide on kites of thankful air.

Have you thanked Him more than once?
Have you known His ways from a distance?
Have you basked in a thankful trance?
Where He will hear you and know you at a glance?
Just be thankful.

Love is not harmful
Neither is joy prideful
Saying thank you is like mystical potions of anointing grace
Like mist spray, that cuddles with an embrace.




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