Be With Me


Be With Me
By Tom D Blakely

O what a selfish prayer, or so it would seem to be,
That I would ask the Lord of all to always be with me?

What a disastrous breakfast! What a sad farewell!
What aggressive driving! And work didn’t start too well.

Thank God it’ll soon be break time, for I’ve much to confess;
A string of sins, and things to mend; this morning was a mess.

I go into a private room to be alone with God,
But somebody barges in on me. Now I’m really mad!

I focus angrily on the door. . . but it was just the wind.
The reason that it startled me, was God, and that I’d sinned.

He made me stop and listen, and this is what He said:
Why did you lock Me out today? I could have been your aid.

You prayed to Me this morning, but child why can’t you see?
Half-hearted and rushed as usual; you never listen to Me.

You’ve had an awful morning and you want to start anew,
You want Me to forgive you, but then what will you do?

Go rushing off to sin again, and don’t say: That won’t happen!
Relying on yourself alone; of course it will, that’s certain.

I’ll listen to your prayer my child, but don’t put me in a corner.
I can only help you through your day if I am at the centre.

You need Me every minute, in everything you do.
So when you pray, say: Be with me, and  I will be with you.




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