Behold I Come Quickly


Behold I Come Quickly
By W A Zamorano

Let the voice of the
Watchman go forth
To the east, west, south and north
Let the trumpet sound!
Make it known to all the world
Let it go around and around
So that everyone has heard
His everlasting, devil blasting Word!

Behold, I come quickly
And my reward is with me
To give to every man
According to the work of his hand.
I am the Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
The first and the last
I am the root and the offspring of David
I am the bright and morning star.

And whosoever will believe me
Let him take the water of life freely
Surely, I come quickly
And my reward is with me
Says the One who hereto testifies
Who for our sin was crucified
Who ascended on high
By whose blood we are justified.

Let us not be foolish but wise
Let us do what is right in His sight
So our lamps will be burning bright
At the return of our Lord Jesus Christ
Let the Spirit of the bride say come
And let him that hears say come
And let him that is athirst come
Come, Lord Jesus, Come!


[Revelation 22: 12–21]



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