By Joanne Standfield

Believe you’re in the middle
of the miracle you’re waiting for,
the faith that’s in your heart
is the key that opens the door.

The key to receive the blessings
your heart desires to see,
for this reason Jesus came and died,
to bring this liberty.

He didn’t come to judge you
but instead your debt to pay,
that every chain would be broken,
sin no longer having you as it’s slave.

To walk by faith and not by sight
this is your Father’s plan.
He’s provided a Word for your every need
before the world began.

Don’t doubt He wants to bless you
nor let fear steal it away,
for His heart is always towards you
as He walks with you, day by day.


‘For we walk by faith and not by sight.’
[2 Corinthians 5:7]



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