Christ Or Antichrist?


Christ Or Antichrist?
By Marie C Neubauer

Are you longing
For Christ’s return?
Or is it the Antichrist
For whom you yearn?

For by Satan’s power
Many will be deceived,
As Antichrist’s doctrines
The world will believe!

A time of great horror
And judgment begins,
Seven years tribulation
Brought on by man’s sins!

But we can escape
The judgment to come,
By receiving salvation
Through Jesus, God’s Son!

For Jesus calls all,
“Come unto me”,
I AM the true Christ
Who sets men free!

In my Book of Life
I will write your name,
And by my Holy Spirit
You will be ‘born again’!


‘And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him (the Antichrist),
whose names are not found in the Book of life…’
[Revelation 13:8]



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