Christ Vindicates


Christ Vindicates
By Christine Hare Tate

Christ vindicates those who are His,
Willing to abandon their ambitions,
Eager to obey His precepts
Instead of men’s traditions.

Those who believe that delays
Aren’t necessarily denials…
Tempered in the fiery furnace
Thru the harshest of trials..

Those submissive and patient,
Willing to sit still and wait.
Who trust in God’s timing to
Make the crooked paths straight!

Those who refuse to participate
In foolish conversations,
Debates, and arguments
And fruitless speculations.

Those who hunger and thirst
To do His perfect will…
Longing to draw closer, to
See His plans fulfilled.

Those who finally know that
The world is not their home,
And seek not greener pastures
Where others love to roam.

Those who refuse to compromise
Or accept distorted speech,
Testing every word they
Hear a man of God preach!

Those who defend God’s honor,
And shout the victory cry,
Anxious to acknowledge that
The Lord still reigns on high!




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