Clean Slate


Clean Slate
By Christine Hare Tate

God started with a clean slate
When He saved my soul…
He is the orchestrator,
I no longer have control.

Like the taming of a shrew
He is breaking my resistance,
A long and tedious process
One of patience and persistence.

I’ve learned to be flexible
Like a rod that bends….
If I resist I will break,
Under pressures life sends.

I must be pliable as putty
As God forms me in His hands,
No man or lying spirit can
I allow to foil God’s plans.

Faith pulls the plug on logic,
I cannot depend on reason.
All my painful circumstances
Are only for a season!

So slowly but surely
I learn a little more
As God opens up a window
After closing a door!

He will bring to fruition
That which He began…
On His word I can rely
To fulfill His perfect plan!




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