Cleanse Your Holy Temple!


Cleanse Your Holy Temple!
By Tom D Blakely

Spirit of the Living God set my soul on fire.
Saviour, Jesus Christ my Lord, be my one desire.
As I kneel before You Lord at the dawning of the day,
Let me speak and hear Your voice as I seek Your way.

Silent is the world outside; silent too within.
There’s not a soul that can distract, this, our special time.
My mind is clear of anxious thought and other worldly care.
I longed for this time all night Lord and now I know You’re here.

Forgive me Lord and cleanse me now of every hidden sin;
A holy temple I would be that my God may enter in.
Lord now I bring petitions for those requiring prayer…
Can it be that You won’t hear? My Lord do You not care?

There’s no distraction here Lord so why do You lead this way?
Okay I’ll be silent for a while even though I’m not sure why?
Thank You Lord, I forgot again; You have a better plan.
And I must not restrict Your will through eyes of mortal man.

But, in this silence, I could pray about the list that burdens me…
What did I say? I’m on the floor; O God what can it be?
You show me things that I’ve done wrong in such a powerful way;
In tears I’m weeping on this floor at the dawning of the day.

I have no will, I won’t hold back; take control now Lord I pray.
This prayer time now belongs to You; I beg You, have Your say.
You heard my prayers, my list You knew, before I even spoke?
Thank You Lord! I say with joy; my tears the carpet soaks.

In fear and trembling I know not to speak; but listen for His voice.
I quake as I lie there thinking this prayer time was my choice!
My prayer requests were not required; The Holy Spirit revealed to me. . .
Some sins of mine in recent days that I had failed to see.

I’d demanded revival and had boldly asked that it begin with me.
But when God answered I didn’t hear; this I began to see.
At church I asked for ‘a night of prayer’, but was hurt when all declined.
God let me know that this was wrong and not His will or time!

Anything else I’ve messed up Lord? In tears, I voice out to Him.
Impatience, disobedience, doubt, stood out amidst my other sin!
Well maybe I should just give up?!! I regretted saying this…
His Passover angel saw the blood and pointed me to the cross.

I meditated there a while at God’s wondrous healing stream;
A place of peace and perfect rest where troubled earth meets heaven.
When the Lord later lifted me, I felt just love all fear had gone.
God had cleansed His holy temple before the break of dawn.


‘Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you,
whom you have from God, and you are not your own?’
[1 Corinthians 6:19]




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