Cloud Of Love


Cloud Of Love
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Lord, I am floating on a cloud of love,
In spite of pain, no fear,
But a quiet reassurance
that you my Lord are near.
So real, I feel you touch me,
your arms below, above.
I am wrapped in love and know Lord
there is no limit to your love.

I have known your love for years Lord
I have felt your guiding hand
but love as deep as this Lord
I will never understand.
No words could ever tell Lord
the peace and joy I know
the glory of Your presence,
as off for op I go.

Maybe I will wake in heaven
at last Your face to see
But the joy of your own presence
is here, right now, with me.
I am floating on a cloud of love
I feel such joy, such peace
For the love of God my Saviour,
each moment does increase.

Maybe I will wake up in the ward
with still more work to do,
I know my life is in Your hands,
that Lord it is up to you.
I feel your arms around me,
I know that you are here,
I am floating on a cloud of Love,
there is no need to fear.


I was going down for a major op, I was so much at peace that the nurse was convinced I had already had a pre-med injection but I had not. Words can not truely describe the feeling I had, it was just too wonderful.



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