Come And See!


Come And See!
By W A Zamorano

Hosanna, Hosanna!
The tomb is empty
come and see!
The Lord is risen triumphantly!

The stone is rolled away.
There is an empty space,
where His body lay.
Death could not
keep Him in the grave.

He is risen, He is risen!
He is alive today!
When you ask Him
to come in,
He will roll the stone away
and come into your heart to stay.

He is the potter,
we are the clay.
He will reshape us
in a brand new way.

There is coming a day
it is not that far away,
when the saints will fly
to meet Jesus in the sky,
in the clouds way up high.

Hosanna, Hosanna!
The church will rise triumphantly!
For all the world to see!




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