Come Join With Us


Come Join With Us
By Rita Broden

Church signs here, church signs there all vying for attention
There was someone well-known visiting each place.
Of course there are always hundreds there when these folks hit the town,
So if you go, go early if you want a parking space.

But the church sign on one lawn read only “Jesus will be here”
The message read the same week after week.
It didn’t draw the crowds like all the other church signs did
But I decided, anyway, to take a peek.

There stood a man to greet me when I opened up the door
“Welcome to God’s house!” the kind man said.
“We ask you one thing only as you come into this house,
Empty everything but Jesus from your head.”

“We ask that you stay focused in on Jesus while you’re here
You see, HE is the reason that we’ve gathered.
It’s important that in one accord; in one mind we meet.”
(My past ideas of “church” had just been shattered).

I was almost afraid to open the doors and enter the sanctuary
Could I empty all but Jesus from my mind?
If I couldn’t, what would happen? Would someone find me out?
And if they did would they then deal with me in kind?

Upon entering the sanctuary I felt a sense of awe
TRULY there was something going on.
I could FEEL the holiness within this worship house
The church sign’s declaration was no con.

I found it surprisingly easy to stay focused on the Lord
I realized He deserved my full attention.
As I joined the gathered crowd in singing praises to the King
There were no other thoughts within my mind to mention.

We praised Him for His goodness; we praised Him for His love
For everything you can think of we did praise Him.
But most of all we praised Him for the sacrifice He made
When He shed His blood to free us from our sin.

We had entered into true worship, there was no doubt of that
ALL were in one mind – in one accord.
Time had no effect on us as we praised The Holy King
We just wanted Him to know He is adored.

Then a reverent silence FILLED the worship house
Heads were bowed, knees were bent, and faces fell.
Unsure what I should do, I stood in place and watched,
What happened next I now to you will tell,

A man, dressed in a long white robe, walked among the crowd
He laid His hands on everyone He passed.
As He touched them one by one I heard their sobs of joy,
Walking towards me now He came – I was the last.

As He stood before me, I looked into His face
He asked me, “Do you know who it is that I am?”
As the tears streamed down my face I found my voice and said,
“You are my Savior, Lord! You ARE the risen Lamb!”

His touch was then upon me! Mere words could not describe
The feeling of virtue that throughout my body flowed.
I was no longer standing – I was prostrate on the floor
The reverence in that house of worship hadn’t slowed.

Once again we started singing praises to our King
Our time belonged to Him this worship day.
Then we gathered round the altar and held each other’s hands
One by one we all began to pray.

We lifted up to Him the governments, our families, and our friends
The hurting, the poor, the lonely, and the blind.
We asked Him to keep us mindful of our purpose on this earth
We asked of Him lost souls for us to find.

When we had finished praying no one rushed to leave
The glory of the Lord STILL filled this place.
I took a couple of moments to reflect upon this day
And I marveled at the glory of His grace.

As we exited the worship house I noticed night had settled in
Was it possible that TEN HOURS had just gone by?!
Always before when I’d gone to church I couldn’t wait to leave
But today I wanted to stay…..AND I KNEW WHY!!

I’d been blessed to see a little bit of Heaven on this day!
I had tasted what eternity would be!
Time will have no meaning as we worship ’round our dear Lord’s throne.
He’ll be our only focus! And that’s the key!

Please don’t be offended if I refuse your invitation
To visit your church when someone famous comes to town.
I extend to you an open invitation to join with us
Come taste this bit of Heaven we have found!


‘For where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them.’

[Matthew 18:20]



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