Compassion For The Captives


Compassion For The Captives
By Rita Broden

Another day You’ve give me
Another day to spend
Another opportunity
To tell others of my Friend.

But I must go where others are
To speak about You, Lord
I must purpose-ful-ly step outside
If You’re not to be ignored.

I’ll not be intrusive
But I will ask if they’re saved
If not, I’ll point them to You
So they can walk the path You’ve paved.

Lord, help me in this effort
Give me boldness to step out
Do not let me be ensnared
By the enemy’s fear and doubt.

He tells us there’s a time and place
But, YOU say NOW is the hour
Take this timid little soldier
And give me boldness; give me power.

I live within a world, Lord,
That has no time for You
Please, Lord, go before me
So that Your message will get through.

Give me compassion for the captives
A desire to see them all set free
Do not let me get complacent
I don’t want their blood on the hands of me!

There isn’t time for being shy
About the message of Your cross
Oh, Lord, instill within my soul
YOUR love for each one lost!!




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