Consume Me


Consume Me
By Frederick Blanchard

Close the doorway of my mind,
To the muffled sounds of sin.
Tune in the channels of my ears,
So it’s Your voice that enters in.

Let light from my eyes dance,
With burning flames of passion,
Of things that are holy, and just.
And my speech be with compassion.

With every single beat of my heart,
Let it echo through out my being,
The life giving words of Your wisdom,
And send any dirt or mold in me fleeing.

May my steps be in Your direction,
As I walk in the hue of Your essence.
While You recede the shadows of darkness,
With the glory of Your Holy Presence.

Drown me with waves of Your thoughts,
Flooding my spirit with eternal ways.
Ridding of the old things that use to be, and
Refining me for Your service each day.




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