Countdown To Christmas!


Countdown To Christmas!
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

The summer holidays are over,
the children back at school,
so adverts for the latest toys,
on TV is now the rule.
From September untill Christmas,
these adverts will be seen,
especially when the children,
have eyes glued to the screen.

Summer holidays are over,
so when you go to town,
it is Christmas decorations now,
that you see around.
But if you take a closer look,
at Christmas puddings on display,
next to them there are hot cross buns,
ready for Good Friday!

Summer holidays are over,
September now is here,
It is countdown now to Christmas,
and Easter time next year!
But is this really Christmas?
with its glitter, noise and fuss,
No Christmas is about a babe,
A Saviour, born for us.

Summer holidays are over,
so let us all prepare,
not for just festivities,
and all the Christmas fayre.
But let us all remember,
the child born that day,
Who lived,and died, then rose again,
all our sins to wash away.




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