By Christine Hare Tate

Jesus never drank from the cup of pleasure and glory.
He dined with the Father, thirsting for “living water.”
Jesus never wore a crown of gold.
Upon his head he wore a crown of thorns.
Jesus never bragged or sought the praises of men.
He magnified His Father in Heaven instead.
Jesus didn’t seek sensations or goosebumps.
He suffered torture as the nails pierced His flesh.
The Lord’s mission was to bring salvation to sinful men.
Jesus taught self-denial, not self-indulgence!
His purpose on earth resulted in the death penalty;
He never tried to preserve or defend Himself.
He was sent to establish God’s kingdom on earth,
Not to attain power and personal success.
He preached death to the flesh “first”
Before the promise of resurrection!
What is the precursor to resurrection?
Crucifixion is!

Who will take up His cross and die to live?




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