Daniel in The Lion’s Den


Daniel in The Lion’s Den
By W A Zamorano

A long, long time ago, there was war
between Israel and Babylon.
Babylon won the victory
and took Israel into captivity.

Darius was the name of their king.
He liked a Jew named Daniel,
who was very wise and faithful to him.
King Darius wanted to give him a promotion,
but that caused a great commotion
among all the governors of the land.
They were jealous of the man
and devised a wicked plan.

They tricked the King
to sign a proclamation
that anyone in the whole nation,
who would not pray to the King
would be thrown into a lion’s den.

But Daniel was a Jew
and did what a good Jew would do.
He kneeled down to pray
three times to God each day.

The evil governors spied on him
and dragged him before the King.

“This man has disobeyed your decree
You signed the law
and so it has to be.”
Then these evil men
threw Daniel into the lion’s den.

Daniel was not afraid,
he put his trust in God to keep him safe.
King Darius liked Daniel
and couldn’t sleep all night.

He got up real early
to see if Daniel was alright.
He called Daniel’s name
and out of the den the answer came.

“The angel of the Lord was here last night
and held the mouths of the lions shut real tight.”
The king was happy that Daniel was alive.
He made a decree throughout the land
the power of Daniel’s God shall never end.


[Daniel 6]



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