Darkness To Light


Darkness To Light
By Rita Broden

Darkness fell that solemn day
And took her innocence away
It held her tight within its jaw
Many scratches left its claw.

She wasn’t much past 7 years
And now she faced 10,000 fears
Just what did this darkness leave
That left her her whole life to grieve?

Sin was this great darkness’ name
The little girl was not to blame
It snuck in, and no one saw
No one noticed it at all.

Too young was this little lass
For sin to even dare harass
Harass it did, despite her age
Her whole life long she’d pay its wage.

Where were the wise ones long ago?
And why did not these wise ones know?
Were they trusting? or just so dumb
They didn’t notice sin had come?

Sin would plague her most her life
It would cause her so much strife
Condemn herself to hell, she did,
Of herself this sin she could not rid.

Then one day she’d heard about
A Savior Who could wash sin out
Was this real?! Was this true?!
Could He give her life anew?

How could He wipe her sin away?
It was in her face day after day
Morning, noon, and way past dark
Sin had really left its mark.

Trust was what she needed now
To be-lieve someway – somehow –
Her sin could be erased – wiped clean!
Yet she KNEW her sin the Savior had seen!

If she could trust this Savior, well,
She wouldn’t have to go to hell
But trusting was so hard for her
To trust Him now? She wasn’t sure.

She’d seen how Christians don’t forgive
She’d seen the lives they claimed to live
They claimed to know this Savior, yet –
His attributes they did not reflect.

She reasoned that they were not Him
And so she stepped out on a limb
And chose to trust Him as her Lord
The risen Savior; God’s pure Word.

Forgiveness came in instant’s time!
No longer guilty of a crime!
A flawless slate lay in her sight!
A brand new book was hers to write!

And write she would on pages clean
She’d tell of all the wonders seen
Since she’d surrendered to the One
Who cleanses and makes sin un-done.

A guiltless life she’s living now!
And all because she did allow
The Savior, Jesus Christ, The Lord
To give her brand new life’s reward.

He took her sin on Calvary’s tree
He nailed it there and set her free
He did the same for you and me
He beckons us to a life that’s free!




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