By Doreen Margaret Higgs

In parliament they have debate,
they argue left and right,
Each says they have the answer,
can put the country right.
Give police more power,
take more power away,
What about the teachers,
more power or more pay?
They say maybe the parents
are the ones to blame,
In parliament they have debate,
then have debate again.
They say children are unruly
there is crime in every place,
Drug abuse and drinking,
our country is a disgrace.
The streets are no longer safe
and no one cares at all,
they will kick you now
not help you up
If you stumble and you fall.
The teachers fear the children
who carry knives to school
And no one is allowed to punish,
those who break the rules.

In parliament they have debate,
while moral standards fall
Teachers, nurses, threaten strike,
There is friction for them all.
The crime and evil that we see
in our world today
Has happened throughout history,
when from God we have turned away.
Though people call for action,
from, police, the state or school,
not one person has the answer,
for the fault is with us all,
God gave us rules to live by,
but we have turned away,
Thats why our world’s in such a state,
we are in a mess today.

Looking back through history
it has always been the same,
when man has turned his back on God,
evil has come to reign.
Decline in moral standards,
selfishness and crime,
If you look back through history,
it has happened every time.
However much they have debate,
however much they try,
the answer to the problems
is down to you and I.

We were made in God’s own image
then Jesus showed the way,
to live in peace and harmony,
and from sin to stay away.
Today we all are suffering,
as nations did of old,
Because from God we have turned away,
our love for Him grown cold.
However much debate there is,
no answer will there be,
untill we let God rule again,
and thats down to you and me.




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