Did You Know?


Did You Know?
By W A Zamorano

Did you know,
that your life was planned,
long before the world began?
God says in His Word,
that long before He made this world
and created planet earth,
He already planned your birth.

Did you know,
that we all need God’s pardon,
because when Adam and Eve
disobeyed God in the Garden
and ate from the forbidden tree
Adam’s sin polluted the blood
of all humanity?
But long before Adam’s Fall
God had already devised a plan
for our blood to become pure again.
He would send His only begotten Son
to die a sacrifice for everyone.

Did you know,
when Jesus died on the cross
He shed His precious blood,
and paid the cost,
so that no one should be lost?
Through God’s Mercy and Grace,
We are free to choose our destiny
and the place,
where we will spend eternity.

Did you know,
God Almighty loves you so,
that, if you were the only one,
He would have sent His Son,
to die for your sin,
to give you eternal life with Him?

God has done all He can do
Now the choice is up to you…




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