Do Not Be Offended


Do Not Be Offended
By Tom D Blakely

‘Do not be offended by anything that doesn’t offend Me!’
These were some words of wisdom that God’s word taught me.

I had an ongoing argument that really wasn’t right;
I was bogged down in a battle I didn’t need to fight.

All of my own making, the Lord seemed to say to me.
According to His wisdom, it was, most definitely!

I had been offended by things, actually quite a lot.
But when I came to pray, these things didn’t offend God?

In the middle of my argument God’s wisdom brought me peace.
He asked me what I was doing, for I was in the wrong place!

Now if something bothers me I think of Jesus in God’s word?
Would Jesus get involved in this; would this offend the Lord?


‘Great peace have they which love your law: and nothing shall offend them.’
[Psalm 119:165]



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