Doesn’t Matter


Doesn’t Matter
By Tom D Blakely

In the land of ‘Doesn’t Matter’
Many sing this foolish song:
‘I’m OK, there’s no one like me
Always right and never wrong.
Why would I need Bible teaching?
Such an ancient, boring thing!
And besides it doesn’t matter
God forgives us for our sin.’ 

Jesus tells us that His Father
Will not tolerate our sin;
None are good enough for heaven
All need Christ, to be forgiven.
For our sins the Lord was slain
At a place called Calvary,
If we turn from sin and trust Him
Jesus’ death will make us free. 

Listen children – It DOES Matter
Time to quit that foolish song!
When the Bible clearly teaches
God is right and you are wrong!
Come to Jesus, say you’re sorry
For your sin and foolish ways.
God has promised He will keep you
Trust in Him and all He says.




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