Don’t Despise The Trials


Don’t Despise The Trials
By Joanne Standfield

Beloved do you trust Me
when you are in the wilderness
and when you are going through the fire?
Do you really believe,
I’ll grant your heart’s desires?
Do you earnestly expect
My goodness to flow to you,
knowing that in every trial,
I will see you through?
Spend time in my presence,
come aside with Me and wait,
for in due season you will reap,
if my child you do not faint.
It’s through these fiery trials,
as you hold on to My Word,
your roots are going deeper,
till you’re not easily disturbed.
Your leaves will be for healing,
lush fruit you’ll continually bear,
to refresh and touch those around you,
with My tender love and care.
So don’t despise the trials,
or the times when you are pruned,
for whatever I do, I do with love,
to bring about the good plans I have for you!




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