Don’t Let Life Distract You


Don’t Let Life Distract You
By Marie C Neubauer

When the doctors say things will not improve,
Jesus says, “By faith, a mountain I can move”!

When a bridegroom or bride is turned away,
Jesus says, Abide in me, I’ll always stay”!

When the economy falters, and your money is short,
The King always feeds those who abide in His court!

When you feel that life has not treated you well,
Look how Jesus suffered to save us from hell!

So why do you falter and why do you fight,
Turn from your sin and start making things right,

For all power in Heaven and Earth He did win,
Don’t let life distract you, all HOPE lies in HIM!


‘I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, saith the Lord.’
Revelation 1:8]



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