Foolish Man?


Foolish Man?
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

What are you building a boat for
when we are miles from the sea?
you really are a foolish man,
more foolish we could not see.

We know you have three married sons,
as well as your wife and you,
but a massive boat as big as that,
would house an army too.

Rain you say will flood the earth,
but Noah, just look up high,
the sun is shining just like before,
there’s not a cloud in the sky.

What are you doing now, Noah?
taking animals in a house,
two of every kind you have,
from an elephant to a mouse.

Fancy building a boat on land,
you really must be mad,
and taking all those animals,
the air, it will be bad.

I am glad you are shutting the door now,
for Noah you are insane.
But wait – what is that falling?
Oh no! I think its rain.




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