How Will They Know


How Will They Know
By W A Zamorano

O Beloved, do not be surprised
When someone on your TV station
Who has not received His salvation
does not honor the name of Christ.

Before we take an offence
Remember, my Friends
They are under the world’s influence
To them our faith does not make sense.

The world is under Adam’s curse
Satan is the god of this world
He has blinded the people’s mind
So the truth they would not find.

The only glimpse of God they’ll see
Is the love for Christ in you and me
Remember, before you believed
You were likewise deceived.

But how will the unbeliever know
That God the Father loves them so
if we get offended forgetting their soul
Leaving the spirit of the world in control.

When they take God’s Name in vain
We must forgive them and pray
That the veil is taken away
that by God’s grace they will be saved.

How will the unbelievers know
That God the Father loves them so
That He sent His only begotten Son
To die for the sins of everyone.

How will they be able to see
The love of God in you and me
If we treat them as our enemies
Much like did the Pharisees.

There is only one way of escape
Out of the kingdom of darkness
Into the kingdom of light
That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The preaching of Christ crucified
Is the power of God unto salvation
Let us go to every nation
And share the Good News
Whether they be Gentile or Jews.

Let us take every stumbling block
out of the way and let us pray
And preach the Gospel of salvation
To rescue the lost from eternal damnation.

Let us stay faithful to our decision
To love God with all of our heart
And love our neighbor as ourselves
Fulfilling the great commission.

And show them we care
As the Love of Jesus we share
So that the world will know
How the Father loves them so.




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