In Court


In Court
By Tom D Blakely

The other night I had a dream of fearful things and it did seem,
That I was soon to end my days and pay for all my sinful ways,
For from my home and from my bed, and to a prison I was led.

A gaoler brought me to a court where I was read my life’s report,
Of every law that I had broke; I trembled as the reader spoke,
And through the windows I could see, the fiery death prepared for me.

‘Sinner!’ I heard my accuser roar, that scornful voice I’d heard before.
‘Your guilt is proven you can’t deny, so for your wrongs then you must die.’
But not a word I said to him, for I was guilty of each sin.

My trial lasts from day to day and in the dock I have to stay.
Each witness comes and gives account of my bad deeds in great amount,
Then Satan grins at me and says, ‘May God now judge your wicked ways.’

The Judge looks down the court and says, ‘I’ve listened now for many days,
The charge of sin has well been proved and by no court can be removed,
The penalty is, that you must die.’ The Judge then asked me to reply.

I felt that my defence was lost and very soon would pay the cost,
I turned toward the Judge with tears and said, ‘I know I’ve sinned for many years.’
I begged for mercy on my knees and cried, ‘My Lord forgive me please!’

The Judge summed up, His voice so clear that all within the court did fear!
‘For every sin for which you’re tried, there is no doubt you should have died.’
A book was brought from which He read: ‘Your punishment has since been paid.’

‘Look up at me and you will see, the Saviour who died to set you free,
Look closely at my face and see the scars I bear from Calvary,
The nail holes in my feet and hands, which satisfy the law’s demands.’

‘The Book confirms you asked Me in, some years ago to cleanse your sin,
And ever since you’ve trusted me, So for this faith I set you free.’
The Judge then said, ‘Your case is won, eternal life is yours my son.
And now a different case we’ll here, the accuser Satan, bring him here!’


‘There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. . .’
[Romans 8:1]



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